Maple Ridge Townhomes For Sale

Maple Ridge is a must see place when visiting British Columbia. With the Fraser River marking the community’s foundation, the town is also lined by beautiful landscapes and the Golden Ears and Coast mountains. Honoring its history by naming its neighbourhoods after the early settlers; Port Haney, Port Hammond, Ruskin and Whonnock. These communities were the lifeblood of the area when the community was founded in 1874.

The best feature of Maple Ridge is the people. Each member of the community is involved with every aspect of the environment, sports, visual and performing arts, charity and advocacy. There is something for everyone to do here, no matter what your passion is. With the breathtaking scenery and amazing people, Maple Ridge will make you feel at home in no time.

The Act Arts Centre

Locally referred to as ‘the ACT‘, this is where all the visual, written and performing arts takes place. This centre for everything cultural was founded by the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Art Council. Community members are encouraged to express themselves and with open and creativity. You can look at their website for showings and programs to sign up for.

Great Schools

Maple Ridge offers a fantastic school system. As part of District Number 42, the K through schools are available in all neighbourhoods, some with special programming. The core academics of the are high and supported by healthy sports programs to provide complete and enriched development for all children. All the teachers employed by the system, are very dedicated to their roles and the community boasts the regions finest private schools and a large selection of popular public schools.

Public Library

The local library offers an extensive collection of resources as well as easy to access off-site collections through reservations. Part of the Fraser Valley Regional system, there are vast resources, spaces and rooms for events or meetings and programs offered for people of every age.

Service Clubs and Volunteers

As stated previously, the people make the community, and their volunteer activities are to be marvelled. Individuals work to support the local area as well as life across the globe. If you like to help and work towards a greater good, there are many opportunities in Maple Ridge to choose from; you can help with charitable organisations, service clubs, volunteer programs and environmental groups.


People travel from all over to see the sights and scenery of Maple Ridge as well as enjoy the people and programming. Check local listings for the variety of amenities, events and features that are typically offered for tourists. Chances are you will find something that interests or inspires you.


Wherever you are in the town, there will be a dyke within 15 minutes of your location. This spot is one of the most sought out places for hiking trails, attracting visitors from all over British Columbia. Mountainous backdrops and beautiful landscapes surround your hiking adventure, making you feel like you are part of a postcard scene.

Buying a Townhouse in Maple Ridge

Whether you are looking to settle or just passing through, the people, history, culture and natural beauty of Maple Ridge will have plenty to offer you.