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We’ve all heard of Vancouver, as it’s one of the more popular cities in British Columbia, but just 23 KMs from Vancouver is Surrey. Surrey is often called the City of Parks because it is home to beautiful forests, golf courses, and other tourist attractions. There is a total of 600 parks and 277 trails and walkways. Many think of moving to Surrey, so here are a few things to give you a better idea of what type of place Surrey is.

Surrey’s weather is nothing extreme compared to most other cities in Canada, and for most this is a good thing. The winters are mild, averaging at about 5 degrees Celsius. There is snow, but not much to speak of. Spring is more of an issue, as it can get pretty rainy and gloomy. The summer is a lot brighter, with at least 5 hours of sunshine a day, and temperatures were rising to 22 degrees Celsius.

The primary form of transportation in Surrey is the bus system. There are about 1,332 bus stops in Surrey. There isn’t a set fare; you pay based on the zone you are travelling to, this may take some getting used to. The exception to this is weekends and holidays, where there’s a flat rate regardless of what zone you’re travelling to. The bus drivers do not accept bills, and they don’t give change. You must have the exact amount of change to pay for the ride. If you are planning on transferring you must receive proof of payment, and this receipt is valid for 90 minutes. If you plan on travelling often, you should consider getting a monthly card. If you want to travel between cities, for example going from Surrey to Vancouver, you can use the SkyTrain Expo line.

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Highway and Traffic By-law regulate driving and parking in Surrey city. Check the traffic safety maps for collision awareness. Increase car theft has been a problem in Surrey City before, but the police department has since reduced car theft by 38%. If you must have a vehicle, then be careful where you park and be sure to lock your car at all times. 911 is still the number to call if you are presented with an emergency or are in need of immediate help, and don’t worry about speaking English, they have interpreters.

As far as religion is concerned, 50% of Surrey’s population is Christian and identify with the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox beliefs. The second largest religious group in Surrey are the Sikhs, at around 16.3% of the population. You can find mosques, and synagogues in Surrey city as well.There are some benefits to moving to Surrey City. An excellent transportation system, social life, and security are among some of the many benefits. The climate is favourable most of the year, is also a plus. With a population of around 500,000 and growing, Surrey continues to be a very diverse city. 43% of the population has a first language other than English, lending to the rich culture and history of the city.